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The Wandering Muse

A Road-Documentary by Tamás Wormser

From ram’s horn to beat box, the music of Jewish diaspora.

Using instruments as passports for millennia, wandering Jewish musicians are still among us. From ram’s horn to beat box, The Wandering Muse  explores the kaleidoscope of Jewish identities through the ever-changing music of the diaspora.
In constant motion, the film is a series of encounters with Jewish musicians from around the world. Taking their music beyond the concert hall, we join in the spontaneous magic of a creative process that transcends the struggles of the musicians’ lives.
Shattering stereotypes and upending expectations, each scene brings us closer to the nomadic soul wandering in a borderless world of harmonies. With the traditional and the contemporary in a continuous dialogue, The Wandering Muse attends to the birth of a dynamic new Jewish music.


Genre: Documentary, Web-Documentary
Category: Religion, Ethnomusicology, Biography, Society, History, Arts, Culture, Travels
Language: English, French
Duration: 94 / 52 minutes
Format: HD (High-definition)


• Premiered at RIDM (Montreal)
• Nominated by the Canadian Academy of Film and TV for Best Doc on Arts and Culture at the Gémeaux
• Winner of the Context Award at the Moscow Jewish Film Fest 2016
• Winner of the Gold Remi Award at the Houston Int’l Film Fest
• Official Selection – Miami Jewish Film Festival
• Official Selection – Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival
• Official Selection – CPH Jewish Film Festival
• Official Selection – Alice Australia
• Official Selection – Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival
• Official Selection – Beijing International Film Festival


Director, Writer, Producer: Tamás Wormser
Director of Photography: 
Alex Margineanu, Van Royko, Tamás Wormser
Sound Recordist: Philippe Scultety, Sylvain Vary, Toby Richardson
Editor: Catherine Legault
Éléonore Goldberg
Sound Effect Editor: 
Kyle Stanfield
Music Editor: 
Dino Giancola
Sound Mix: 
Cory Rizos, Amplitude Postproduction
Online Editor: 
Francis Hanneman

Additional Cameramen:
Thomas Riedelsheimer, Tobias Müller, Pablo Desanzo, Gábor Halász, Mario Calvé, Roberto Zorfini, Clark Fergusson, Francois Chambe
Additional Sound Recordist:
Sebastian Sonzogni, Gábor Bányai, Pascal Van Strydonck, Michal Olownia, Emory Murchison, César Fernández, Frederic Cristea, Robert Olawuyi, Courtney Wing, Bruno Pucella
Writing consultant: Elaine Shatenstein