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THE Ball of their lives

A Documentary by Tamás Wormser

Austro-Hungarian formalities in the 21st century multi-ethnic Canada

“The Ball of Their Lives”a documentary film on the largest debutante balls in North America, Toronto’s Helicon Ball and Montreal’s St. Stephen’s Ball. The film offers a slice of life from the Hungarian community in Canada. These balls started fifty years ago as a way for Canada’s Hungarian community to hold on to an important tradition. While these sorts of balls disappeared in Hungary during the socialist years, they became premier social events in Canada. Hundreds of guests travel from the world over to relive the grandeur of the belle époque.


Genre: Documentary
Category: Water, Leisure, Culture, Travels
Production year: 2006
Languages: English, French
Duration: 52 minutes
Format: SD (Standard-definition)
Broadcast: Documentary Channel Canada,
ARTV, Ceska TV, Hungarian TV


Director, Camera, Editor: Tamás Wormser
Producers: Tamás Wormser, Zoltan Furedi
Composer: István Lakatos
Additional Camera: Ivan Gekoff, Michael Soos, Daichi Saito
On-Line Editing: Thierry Gendron
Sound Mix: Dino Giancola
Voice-Over: Eszter Biró, Júlia Ciamara,John Ferko
Still photography: Ruth Kaplan