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Touched by water

A Documentary by Tamás Wormser

Welcome to Planet Water!

Touched by Water is a documentary that dives into the lush world of bathing rituals, exploring the traditions of our essential bond with water. From ancient Roman baths to elite European spas, from Turkish hammams and the Ganges to a high-tech multimedia pool, the film explores the hidden meaning behind the simple and universal act of bathing. Filmed in 13 countries, Touched by Water conveys our complex relationship with water, its sensual pleasure and spiritual renewal. Touched by Water immerses us in the rich and diverse ways of loving water, the source of all life.
Patricia Bailey

“…the exquisite Touched by Water is both an ode to the social ritual of public bathing and a thought-provoking look at water’s spiritual significance…”

Matthew Hayes
Montreal Mirror

“Wormser has a way of showing us the beauty beyond what is ostensibly ordinary, while illuminating our intricate relationship to H20.”


Genre: Documentary
Category: Water, Leisure, Culture, Travels
Production year: 2006
Languages: English, French
Duration: 52 minutes
Format: SD (Standard-definition)
Broadcast: Documentary Channel Canada,
ARTV, Ceska TV, Hungarian TV


• Nominated in the Best Documentary of the World Category at the 50th Montreal World Film Festival
• Shortlisted for Japan Prize
• Presented at Tiburon International Film Festival
• Nominated at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
• Nominated at Festival internacional de cinema del medi Ambient, Cataluna,
• Nominated at Festival international de film d’environnement Paris
• Nominated at 2011 Big Water Film Fest in the USA
• Nominated at Bangalore Int’l DocuFilm Fest


Director, Writer, Camera, Sound, Producer:
Tamás Wormser
Executive producer : Robert Schwartz
Editor:  Catherine Legault
Narrator: Jean Marchand
Music: Ganesh Anandan and Dino Giancola