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A Donkeymentary

Timi is Ahmed’s donkey, together they make their living at the narrow streets of Fez medina. In India, a colorful festival celebrates Kalalatri, the ferocious goddess of donkeys, while in rural Québec, patients brush and care for a jack and a jenny as part of asinotherapy, used against anxiety. This new donkeymentary explores the 5000 years old donkey-human relationship, though times and cultures.


A Feature Film Proposal

Cassandra, a young anthropologist, lives in a joyless world obsessed with work. She finds escape on the island of Bohocia, where natives still practice the lost art of clowning. But she is not the only one interested, the island turns out to be the largest untapped oil reserve on the planet. When Cassandra fall in love with Yukmar, the Bohocia native with the largest nose, she is caught in a terrible conflict between the power of the West and the innocence of a forgotten world.