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Under The Chateau’s Roof

A Documentary by Catherine Lemercier

Co-produced with Bunbury Films.
The documentary is a journey through time and space, allowing us to roam between the present and the past, from the kitchens to the sumptuous lounges, from present-day weddings to Winston Churchill’s arrival for the Quebec Conference in 1944. The film also ventures into the various departments that keep the Château churning at all hours.

Genre: Documentary
Category: Biography, Society, History
Production year: 2015
Language: French
Duration: 52 minutes
Format: HD (High Definition)


Writer, Director: Catherine Lemercier
Co-produced by Frederic Bohbot (Bunbury Films) and Tamás Wormser (Artesian Films)
Cinematographer: Bill Stone
Editor: Vincent Guignard
Music: Julie Theriault