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Shalom Putti

A Documentary by Tamás Wormser

A Long Way to Jerusalem

When a small Jewish community in rural Uganda comes into contact with Orthodox rabbis from the Israeli settlements, everyone is transformed. Director Tamás Wormser explores identity, religion and the long shadow of colonialism in a nuanced, often disturbing and startlingly beautiful feature documentary.

Genre: Documentary
Category: Arts, Culture, Travels
Language: English
Duration: 90/52 minutes
Format: HD (High-definition)


Director, Producer: Tamás Wormser
Director of Photography: Clark Ferguson, Van Royko, Thomas Szacka-Marier, Tamás Wormser
Editor: Boban Chaldovich
Composer: Erich Kory
Sound Editor ad Designer: Catherine Van Der Donckt
Sound Mixer: Benoît Dame