Our Films
Shalom Putti

(COMING SOON) A documentary about little-known black Orthodox Jews of Uganda, who are seeking official conversion and recognition.

Bukharian Fire

(COMING SOON) A short documentary about long standing music and dance partnership between Firuza and Shumiel.

Specifically, Maurice El Medioni

(COMING SOON) A day in the life of Maurice El Medioni, a little-known musician from a Jewish family in Oran, Algeria.

The Wandering Muse

A documentary exploring the vibrant array of musical interpretations of Jewish identity.

Travelling Light

A documentary following five nomadic artists on their quest to live life as an art form.

Touched by water

A documentary that dives into the lush world of bathing rituals, exploring the traditions of our essential bond with water.

Step up!

A documentary about personal journey of a young dancer trying to get back to dancing after a big accident.

Believe in me

An intimate and moving documentary looking at the lives of teenage dads.

Ball of Their Lives

A documentary about Austro-Hungarian formalities being transplanted into 21st century multi-ethnic Canada.

Faces of the Hand

This documentary takes us on a visual journey through different cultures and range of human experiences and shows the many uses of our hands.

Under the Chateau’s Roof

Documentary journey through time and space visiting Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.

The Ring

Rooted in magic-realism of European storytelling tradition, this highly theatrical film unites striking visuals with unique silent acting.

The Three Marias

Seven dance films that were inspired by the book The Three Marias.

The Hat

A Fellini-esque fiction film about a hat mysteriously lost in cinema.

Lama Geshe Kenrab

A short documentary about a Buddhist monk from Tibet sent to Montreal by Dalai Lama to found a temple.


A short experimental film based on myth of Prometheus.

Hippo Sapiens

A short experimental documentary film on racing horses.