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Specifically, Maurice El Medioni

A Documentary by Tamás Wormser

Phenomenal pianist, Maurice el Medioni, after escaping Algeria, made a living as a tailer in Marseille. After retiring, he broke back into the music scene with his unique style that mixes Andalusian Jewish music with Arabic raï, boogie and Cuban music, singing in French and Arabic. The film follows an unforgettable day we spent with Maurice.

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Genre: Documentary
Category: Music, History, Judaism
Production year: 2021
Language: French
Duration: 8 minutes
Format: HD (High Definition)


Director, Producer: Tamás Wormser
Director of Photography: Alex Margineanu
Sound Recordist: Philippe Scultety
Editor: Boban Chaldovich
Musicians: Maurice el Medioni, Marco Maimaran, Ben
Research: Terri Foxman, Tamás Wormser
Location: Le Med’s